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Created by Sport Parkinson’s CIC, the Cure Parkinson’s Cup is the world’s premier event of its kind of one of the most popular annual Parkinson’s participation events in the Europe.

The Cure Parkinson’s Cup attracts people with Parkinson’s, celebrities and fans from every corner of the globe to the magnificent Sixways Stadium , Worcester. With fast and furious football action, combined with a carnival atmosphere and world footballs greatest Parkinson’s prize, the Cure Parkinson’s Cup is an unforgettable event.

From kicking off with 20 teams representing Canada, Denmark, England, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Wales, at the Sixways Stadium in 2020, to today’s extravaganza of international football rivalry, the Cure Parkinson’s Cup truly is enabling the Parkinson’s community to ‘Keep Healthy and Strong to a Cure Comes along’.


Cure Parkinsons Cup


April 2020


Cure Parkinsons Cup
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